First, I thank HeartCry and the supporters, coordinators, brothers, sisters, friends, and those who have given for financial support to our family in Vietnam so that we can serve the Lord. May the God of peace bless your family. Amen.

I give thanks to God during the past April for what God has done in me through the teaching of the Lord through the Scriptures. I find the support, comfort, and encouragement so much through hard times in the Lord’s work. Every morning, praying to God is wonderful for me for a new day. I pray God grant me power and understanding in the Word of God to teach others with good faith. In the last month, I and members of the Church visited a brother who has terminal cancer. We used the word of God to counsel this brother back to God because for many years he did not come to the church. He has trusted God at the end of life and he is now optimistic, not worried, though the doctor said he could not cure the cancer.

Also last week, the Church and I held prayer on Thursday. Our primary purpose is for praying for our country, for evangelization in the region, and to build up the church and teach God’s word to children.

My main goal now is to teach the God’ word to new believers in Christ through catechisms so that they can receive baptism. Recently in the catechism classroom there was a sister who expressed her faith in God. These new believers have followed God, not for help in hard times, but to see God glorified. When I asked if they are sure they have been saved and why they were saved, they answered yes and gave thanks for Jesus; for which I thank God.

Every Saturday evening we have a program of teaching the word of God to children through film, from Genesis to Jesus’ life. They are children of the working poor. On Sunday, the church worships God together. May the HeartCry Missionary Society pray for our missionary work in Vietnam, that we always will be in harmony with God’s will.

Chi G.