On Saturday, June 17, our brother Marcos passed into the presence of the Lord. He was a lawyer by profession and was 29 years old, a very young man. But the testimony he gave in the end was impactful. He had enough strength to proclaim the gospel to his father and his brothers, as well as his friends, and they repented and believed during these moments of agony. And in addition to his family and friends, many others have also repented. We held 10 days of memorial services for him in the evening and I also preached the gospel at his funeral. There were more than 1,000 people there. This is a beautiful testimony of the Lord’s work, and I am sharing it with many fellow believers and friends.

We are visiting the homes of people in our community to teach God’s Word to them. One Monday this month there were 12 families gathered together in a home in the town of San Francisco. Two of the people there had cancer, one of them being terminal. Pray for them. May God help me to continue proclaiming the gospel in places like that, where there is so much need.

In our town there has recently been an influx of violence and crime, and the criminals have even begun to break into people’s homes. One Sunday toward the end of the month, there was a terrible assault. I ask you to pray, since many brothers from the church are part of the local community police force. They need wisdom to make the right decisions in this situation.