We are thankful for the way the Lord is growing the church in Chipillico. As a church we have been learning how to understand the Bible. One of our goals is for everyone to read the Bible from beginning to end. Most of the church members have now made it through Exodus. I rejoice when I see the brothers and sisters sharing with one another after our services about the things that have been a blessing to them in their reading.

Despite the rains that we’ve been getting over the past months, the church continues to show greater and greater fervor. In evangelism, each time we go out to evangelize there are more people from the church that want to join us.

Because of the rain and the danger it creates for travel, we haven’t been able to visit the believers of the church plant in the town of Cacaturo. We hope the rains will soon pass so we can begin visiting them again. Please pray that the Lord would be protecting the believers there.