By the grace of God, all the members of our family are in good health after a season of sickness. Please continue praying that God would sustain us physically.

While we have not had any newcomers to our church these past few weeks, we are continuing to evangelize in our community. As a result of our evangelism efforts, a group of men in the church decided to meet together to study the Scriptures, in addition to the regular meetings we have as a church. There are twelve men who are involved in the class, and initially we will be studying hermeneutics, looking at principles of biblical interpretation. I ask you to pray for this group of men.

In addition to the activities in the local church, I was also able to travel towards the end of the month with Urbano Gomez to a town called Palo Blanco. Brothers and sisters, it was a very special experience for me. We traveled for some time on a bus, then we traveled by motorcycle, then we had to walk, and finally we rode on donkeys until we reached Palo Blanco. We saw the great need that exists in those places. God touched my heart with a desire to continue helping the brothers and sisters there. I shared the Word with them for two days and then returned with Urbano to the center of Pacaipampa. I had to travel down from the mountain the next day in order to preach at my own church in the evening. The trip was exhausting, but it was worth it.

Luke began working for HeartCry in 2012 after graduating from Virginia Tech. He was raised in Harrisonburg, Virginia and now resides a few hours south in Radford, Virginia with his wife Meghan and their three children. He is the coordinator for the work that HeartCry is involved in throughout Latin America.

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