Brothers and sisters,

Thank you for your prayers for this trip. God has been a very great and present help. The need for wisdom and power from the Spirit is incredible here, so please continue to pray for us and for the Church in the Middle East.

During the first two days we had a small conference in the church for the missionaries and church members. The discussion was lively and the people were very hungry to learn more about the Doctrine of God. Many came up to express in broken English how thankful they are for these workbooks and teaching on “The One True God.” They wish that they had had these things many years ago but are so thankful to all of you for your support which has made it available now.

The last day in this country was spent visiting among Muslim refugee families. HeartCry missionary Sharif A. goes almost every day to visit among these families, providing supplies like food and diapers (when they are available) for the poorer families, praying with them, and sharing the love of Christ. He is joined several days each week by HeartCry missionary Hanan. They have seen much progress in these relationships as the people grow to trust them more and more. Pray that a genuine manifestation of the love and truth of Christ would overcome all obstacles and bring them to a saving knowledge of Jesus.

Next we will be in Egypt for several days visiting with the leaders and member of two different churches. Please continue to pray for us and our partners here – we are desperate for your support in prayer.