Student Leaders Week

Prior to each new academic year, ‘Middle East Student Fellowship’ holds a ‘Student Week.’ In late August, 50 students from all over the country gathered for in-depth Bible study, prayer, talks about being a student leader on campus, and listening to testimonies from students and staff about God’s amazing work through the years in different campuses.

This ‘Student Week’ is a vital source for finding student leaders on the various university campuses, through whom Bible studies and evangelistic activities can be arranged. Some of the attending students actually seem to have been converted during the week. One student who professed faith in Christ said, “The gospel has moved from my head to my heart!”

New Student Outreach

After ‘Student Week,’ the academic year kicked off with a flurry of activities to meet new freshmen students. For the first month, there were bowling events, beach hangouts, board game hangouts, cook-outs, food court lunches, sports events, and city tours – all aimed at building relationships with new freshmen students. These events allowed for lots of gospel conversations, including many conversations with Muslim and Asian students who have never heard of Jesus or read the Bible. Please continue praying for these relationships to deepen and for the gospel to be heard by faith.

Fall Conference

This month, MESF held their Fall Conference. The preaching focused on four parables in Luke’s Gospel: The Good Samaritan, The Rich Fool, The Lost Son, and The Pharisee and the Tax Collector. 103 students from 20 campuses attended the conference, including several Muslim students.

Some of these students said that the Christian community they had observed increased their curiosity about Christ Himself. For some, this curiosity about Christ is dangerous. A few of the students were threatened or forbidden by their parents to attend MESF activities. One young lady said that her father would kill her if he found out that she was seriously considering Christianity. Please pray for these students, that the beauty and power of Christ’s gospel would overcome the fear of consequences if they believe.

One other highlight was a group of students from another Muslim nation who came to observe and be trained to conduct a similar ministry in their country. Please pray for MESF, that they would be bold and courageous, that they would remain undetected by those who would stop their work, and that the Gospel seeds they sow would result in a great harvest.