Church Planter – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Chimm was openly hostile to Jesus Christ before he was converted. However, the Lord revealed His glory to Chimm suddenly, and Chimm experienced great sorrow for his sin and cried out to Christ for salvation. Chimm’s life was immediately changed and transformed. Chimm is presently serving in a newly planted church that was established in May, 2015. The Lord is adding new converts to their body in an area where 50% of the population remains unreached with the gospel.

Testimony of Conversion

My name is Chimm N. I was born July 7, 1985 and am married to Kong L. We have one child. Before I accepted Jesus Christ, I hated Him and was a person who associated with evil friends. I did not like to study, even though I was able to graduate high school.

After I graduated from high school, my friend asked me to come with him to a small school to learn about different subjects: Korean and English languages, computer programming, and the Bible. I wanted to learn about these things and decided to attend the school that my friend had told me about. Once enrolled, I discovered that the school primarily taught the Bible and that was not the subject I wanted to study. A week after enrollment, I decided to return home because it was not the education I needed and expected. Before returning home, however, I attended a meeting and a small devotion at the school. Suddenly, during the Bible study, I cried without understanding why. Something had touched my heart and I felt embarrassed because I was crying and went into another room so I would not be noticed. Alone, I prayed in the room to God. After praying, God communicated to me that I had to believe in Jesus. I heard Him say, “Do not be afraid, I’ll be with you.”

Since that day, I have continued to believe in Jesus and my life has been forever changed and I am a new person. I began to love Jesus more and more, and I now believe that Jesus Christ is the real God and He can do all things!

After my conversion to Christ, I wanted to serve Him in order to bring His Word to unbelievers so that they can know Jesus Christ as I do. I want to see my nation, Cambodia, restored to God and accept Him as Savior and Lord. Through Shalom Ministries I begin evangelizing and pastoring a few people in a small rented room. We are now meeting each Sunday and our church is slowly growing. The area where I am ministering is an area where 50% of the people are unreached.

Even though I face persecution from parents and friends, I am growing spiritually by reading the Bible, by praying, and as I bring the gospel to unbelievers.