River Nepal

Greetings to you in the Name of our Sovereign Lord Jesus Christ. The Covid-19 has affected every country in the world, and this includes ours as well. We have had to divide the believers into 4 groups, according to their geographical areas in order to continue the fellowship. However, God is still working among His people. The believers are still getting the teaching in their own local place (their own villages). The believers are thankful to God for getting the opportunity to fellowship, even in this situation. They are becoming more courageous in the Lord.

Top Hiking

I am sad that I was not able to visit the believers of Ghorli Kharka during lockdown. Currently, these believers are without a shepherd. I praise the Lord that I had got the opportunity to visit them during the last lock down. Some youths and other mature believers came with me to visit the believers there. It took around 5 hours to reach there. On that day we packed our breakfast and started our journey towards Ghorli Kharka at 5:30am by foot. We crossed the mountains, rivers, forest, and walked among the beautiful smell of the flowers. The journey was very difficult and hard, but the beauty of the creation of God kept us fresh and full of joy. 

Top Breakfast

After 2 hours into our journey, we took the rest and had breakfast. After breakfast we continued until we reached the believers, who were waiting with patience and joy. All the weariness disappeared once we saw their love and joy. After few minutes of interaction with them, we had fellowship. In that fellowship I had shared the true gospel to them in their own mother tongue (Magar). They were praising and were thankful to God. They shared with us their struggles and needs. They told us that they wanted a permanent leader/pastor for their church, and was willing to support the leader God would give to them. If I would have measured their finances, it would be obvious that it would be impossible to support their own pastor, but their heart and desire is greatly admired. It is my prayer to God that He would provide for them a good shepherd to lead them in Christ. The harvest is ready, but we need more workers (Matt 9:35-38). The believers are satisfying their thirst and hunger of the Word of God by getting together on Saturday mornings and listening to the recorded sermons we gave them. However, they are longing for a person who can give them the Word of God in person. 

Meeting Nepal Top

At the time of departure, they told us to “Please visit us time to time.” This word brought tears to my eyes. It has made my heart heavy. It is very challenging. I am praying for them. They are genuine and innocent believers. On the way back home, we talked about their desire towards God and a life in Christ. We reached the house around 7:30 pm. God helped us to visit them, and to encourage them. May God hold their hand during this time. Please do pray for them. 

Thanks be to God for giving me the strength to minister in these difficult situations. My prayer to God, and request to all, is to pray that the church would grow in the truth. God may bless you. Thank you!