Greetings to you in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. With a heart full of gratitude to the Lord, I would like to update you on the workings of God in the life of the church here in Chambishi.

Church History

It is humbling and encouraging to realize that Chambishi Central Baptist Church is now more than one year old. Our outreach efforts began around this time last year. I must confess that it was not an easy process, because most of the church members from the sending church had doubts and fears about starting the work here in Chambishi. Thankfully, the Lord gave courage and faith to Pastor Ndonji Kayombo and a few other brethren to encourage and motivate the rest.

In March of 2014, Pastor Ndonji Kayombo and I came to Chambishi to spy out the area. I can gladly say that on this first day of our tour, the gracious hand of the Lord was upon us. It was a day to remember! We returned to Kitwe with our hearts warmed and encouraged because the Lord had granted us success. We related the success of our journey to the brethren, and they were greatly heartened.

The outreach efforts began slowly but surely, and finally the church was launched later that month. I must confess that the Lord has truly been gracious to us. We have had a number of God’s blessings upon the work, some of which I have shared with you in previous newsletters. I should also confess that we have had our share of challenges, difficulties, and discouragements. Praise God that He has led and helped us this far! We trust Him for what is to come!

Church News

In February, three men and one woman professed faith in Christ Jesus. This came with great joy and encouragement! Please stand with us in prayer as we continue to help them and wait to see the grace of the Lord in their lives.

We continue to have our weekly Bible study every Wednesday, where we are studying the doctrine of the Church. We also continue having weekly Bible studies with individuals on other days, and the various topics under consideration include: the way of salvation, the importance of church membership, the reformed Baptist doctrine, and the order of salvation.

Young people’s meetings are also taking place every week on Saturdays. We recently introduced our morning Bible study on the doctrine of Man. It is exciting and encouraging to see people thirsting for the Word of God. Please pray for them, that they might be given understanding of the Scriptures and consequently come to the faith in Jesus Christ. Pray for me also, for grace, wisdom, and strength as I continue to preach and teach them God’s Word.

The mobile hospital facility came to Chambishi to offer different medical services to our people. This attracted a number of people in the area from all walks of life. Seeking to make use of every opportunity, I went there to distribute fliers and tracts and to speak to some people whom the Lord made available. Please pray that words spoken and the resources given might be used mightily of God in the lives of these people.