Canada Wilderness

Dear HeartCry Supporters, 

I appreciate your generous support and your prayers for us for the work going on in Canada. My family and I have been doing well by God’s grace. I am truly blessed and thankful for the supportive wife and children God has given me. Lately, I have found there to be many battles; I see bad things going on in the country which worries me, I see issues arising in churches causing friction and division which troubles me, but the greatest battle I have seen in the last bit has been in myself. There is such a spiritual battle to fight, not just with the enemy, but with our own selves. I really felt awakened and convicted about a lack of determination and devotion in my own personal prayer life and I can see right away the effect it has had on my preaching and evangelizing when I have neglected to pray as I ought to. It’s so easy to put more attention on other things and neglect prayer. God has been so gracious to me in revealing areas in my life that need improvement.

Child Bible

 Apart from that which God has been working on in me, I have also been really encouraged in the Lord that I am His child and that He is with His people until the very end. It’s so easy to look at the past as the golden days and then look at today and become disheartened and wonder if anything could ever happen. But I have been so encouraged in the Lord that regardless of what we face, whether prosperity or famine, persecution or peace, God is with us and so there’s no reason to sit idle as if there’s no hope. I like the words of Charles Spurgeon in regard to this:

The fulness of Jesus is not changed, then why are our works so feebly done? Pentecost, is that to be a tradition? The reforming days, are these to be memories only? I see no reason why we should not have a greater Pentecost than Peter saw, and a Reformation deeper in its foundations, and truer in its upbuildings than all the reforms which Luther or Calvin achieved. We have the same Christ, remember that. The times are altered, but Jesus is the Eternal, and time touches him not…Our laziness puts off the work of conquest, our self-indulgence procrastinates, our cowardice and want of faith make us dote upon the millennium instead of hearing the Spirit’s voice today. Happy days would begin from this hour if the Church would but awake and put on her strength, for in her Lord all fulness dwells. Oh! Spirit of God, bring back thy Church to a belief in the gospel! Bring back her ministers to preach it once again with the Holy Ghost, and not striving after wit and learning. Then the people, in the myriads shall be brought to rally round the throne of God and the Lamb. The Gospel must succeed; it shall succeed; it cannot be prevented from succeeding; a multitude that no man can number must be saved.

 As far as ministry goes, I’ve been continuing my outreach from Blackville to Miramichi doing evangelizing with Dave and leading the prayer meetings in Blackville. I believe the prayer times have been fruitful and that the quality of the prayer time is growing in soberness and seriousness for the advancement of the Kingdom and that God would visit us in a mighty way. Pray for Blackville and Miramichi that God would give us boldness to spread the good news of the Gospel and that God would destoy the works of the enemy and advance His Kingdom. Also please pray for a lady named Jennifer in Blackville that Dave and I witnessed to a few times that God would save her.

Thank you once again for all your prayers and support!

Rob Greenwood