Dear HeartCry.

We always thank God for the past month that He has given our families and children a healthy and peaceful life. Because we believe that God still uses us for His work in the local Church.

The Lord says that people live, not just by bread, but by word of God’s mouth. So far, we have been cared for by the Lord every day, even though we are so weak at times. Thank God I have received the teaching from the Lord, knowing we are limited, no matter how hard we try, but He is infinite. His understanding is infinite, we have to rely on Him always. We must be dedicated each day and advance in the knowledge God, otherwise, we will be lazy and experience spiritual decline. We trust in the Lord’s guidance to continue living on the power of God while serving the Church. The local church ministry is the task that the Lord calls us to in order to preach the gospel of Jesus and not any other gospel. We are aware of the important role and responsibility before God. To be faithful to the things we have learned, heard, and believed. I thank God for one of the most important tasks of proclaiming the gospel of God, and not another gospel. That is the certain focus we aim for. Thank God, whatever happens, we still cling to the word of God to live and to serve Him. We are committed to keeping faith on the basis of biblical teaching. Most of all, the Holy Spirit is the witness in our hearts that makes us firm and enables us to follow the Lord, and we believe that the work of God is not in vain.

The thing that makes us concern is today there are so many “false good news” that are spreading every day from the cults. The false teachers make following Christ easy with false propaganda and the false teaching makes it easy to be comfortable and to be a Christian in Vietnam. The teaching causes for no suffering and many people follow them. Please add our prayers for Vietnam to this problem. Jesus said that

“Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.”

 Binh B.