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I was born in and grew up in an unsaved family in the 1950s, and the Lord found me in 1971 while I was in my first year at college. It was a Summer of prolonged and horrible war in my country, and our city was going to be attacked by the enemy. Most people in the city were leaving to avoid the battle; schools and colleges, markets were closed; everyone who still tarried home expected a devastating struggle; the town seemed dying of fear and uncertainty.

I was one of those who remained at home alone to take care of the home from being robbed, and after a few days, I felt so bored. My thoughts kept wandering with question after question about life and its meaning, and I wondered if there is a life after this life as the religious people believe and I had vehemently denied. To this point in my life, I did not think there was a God of the universe, and I did not believe religion was necessary.

One day I had my lunch with a loaf of French bread wrapped in a piece of paper from a discarded Gospel tract with four separate pages presenting Jesus Christ as the begotten Son of God through Jn. 3:16, and I read those pages while eating my lunch. The concept “begotten Son of God” soon attracted my attention. After reading through the pages, I felt very disappointed in America: I thought America tried to destroy my country with war and fooled my people with mythic religion like Evangelicalism. So I decided to study more on this so that I’ll be able to denounce it, saving my people from being fooled.

After that event, to make the long story short, I spent many days learning Evangelicalism and Christian faith to argue against the belief by asking Christians to and pastors. I also read New Testament, but the more I asked and read, the more confused I became. I thought those who believe in things like “the begotten Son of God” are all wrong. Finally, one day I met an American missionary who could speak my language fluently to argue against him.

That missionary seemed fully confident as he allowed me to speak what was heavy in my heart. He then seemed to understand that I have difficulty believing in myths and mythic religions(which are so familiar to an Asian man like me). Therefore, he focused on explaining to me the real meaning of the concept “begotten Son of God” (in Greek) as God revealed Himself in the human form to save the human race. After several weeks talking with him, I was convinced of the fact that there is a God of the universe, of the revelation of God in the Bible, of the sinful nature of the human race, of the need of salvation, of the perfect plan for the salvation of God in Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit eventually brought me through that missionary to a point where I was convicted of my sin and convinced of the need to trust Jesus Christ, “the begotten Son of God,” as my personal Savior and Lord.

Now I know the Lord found me on that event by sending me not only the French bread but also His bread of eternal life!


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