This past month has been a good month, generally speaking. Spiritually I am doing well. It hasn’t been easy since the temptation of sin has become more intense lately, especially when I am alone. That’s why every time I get tempted I go out and try to find people to spend time with.

Some of the blessings for me personally in this month have been the new Bible reading plan that I am using and my seminary lectures and homework. I am also very thankful for all the people that God has surrounded me with—the people at the church, my seminary teacher who is also one of my mentors, my family, friends, and so on. Also, it is a great blessing that two of our church members—Albert and Menton— have joined me in the seminary. We are able to do a lot of studying and homework together and this is helping all of us. One of the challenges has been the cold weather that has made it difficult to do a lot of outdoor activities—evangelism, etc. But one of its advantages is that I have been able to spend more time inside reading, praying, and doing seminary homework.

This month I had the opportunity to talk about the gospel with several people. One of those people is my uncle Ali. We had a brief conversation and after that, I gave him a copy of the book ‘’The Gospel of Jesus Christ’’ by Brother Paul Washer. This wasn’t the first time I talked to him about the gospel, so please be praying for him that he will read the book and that he will repent and believe. One night, I was on my way to the village where my family lives and I saw two young men waiting for the bus. I picked them up since I was going the same way and I was able to talk to them about what we believe as Protestants. I asked them first what they had heard or read about Protestants and they told me briefly. Then I was able to explain to them the difference between the Catholics and us. In the end, I also offered them the book. ‘’The Gospel of Jesus Christ’’ but they did not want to take it. Pray for them to come to know Jesus.

Something to be very thankful for is the desire that God has put on the attendees to be consistent in coming to church. Lately, Isak whom I’ve mentioned in the previous reports has been coming to our Sunday services with his entire family (his wife and three children). They have been going through some trials lately since Isak lost his job, so please be praying for this family to come to know God and for Isak to have a job so that he can provide for his family. The other day I met a man whose children come to the children’s program and I was able to talk to him about the gospel. He shared with me about the struggles that he’s going through right now. He has been diagnosed with a brain tumor, but he had surgery and now he’s going through therapy. Please be praying that he will repent and believe the gospel, that he will be healed completely, and that my relationship with him will be strengthened. Also, please keep praying for the owner of the apartment that I rent. Pray that I will be able to get closer to him and start a friendship with him so that I will be able to share the gospel with him. This month I was able to get to know one of my neighbors more closely. We had a problem with the electricity and I went to his apartment to ask him some questions about it. This gave me the opportunity for me to talk to him. Please be praying that God will bless this relationship and that I will have more opportunities to talk to him about the gospel.

As I continue my ministry I kindly ask you to pray for:

– God to provide a new place for the church to rent. 
– The seminary where we study.
– Sona – who is not allowed by her brother to attend our church. 
– Agnis – who is busy working most of the time and cannot come to our church.
– Isak – who has been fired from his job position and is struggling with finances.
– All the church members to grow in the knowledge of God.
– For unity and love among us. 
– For me that I might grow in my knowledge of Christ and conformity to Him.

Xhevat Bytyqi