I wanted to share with you all, beloved brothers and sisters, that at the beginning of last month I was able to travel to Cumbicus (a mountainous region in the North of Perú, a couple hours outside of Pacaipampa on horseback). The purpose of this trip was to teach in a conference for many believers from all over the region. In the teaching for this conference I was accompanied by Pastor Javier Carhuapoma and Pastor Carlos García. Our holy God used us to teach around 700 believers that had gathered to be edified by His Word. The theme on which I taught was “A Family Set Apart Unto God.” I had the privilege of instructing the brothers and sisters from the Word with regard to family devotion and the responsibilities of the husband and of the wife. My prayer is that the Lord would continue to use me as an instrument for the edification of His people.

In addition to the teaching from the pulpit, the Lord also used us to counsel our beloved brothers and sisters with regard to their individual needs. Personally, the Lord enabled me through the Scriptures to bring about reconciliation between two families that were present at the conference. For me, this moment was very edifying, as I watched two families humble themselves before the Scriptures and mutually forgive one another in the Lord. It was an example for all believers to follow who want to grow in the grace of God. By the end of this conversation, together with the two families we were on our knees before the Lord with tears, giving honor to Him for His mercy and His truth.

Finally, the brothers and sisters who were present at the conference were full of joy for all that was done for the glory of God, and they were very thankful for the Bibles that many of them received, thanks to the support of the beloved brothers and sisters that give to HeartCry.