We are rejoicing and praising God for bringing many Japanese, Peruvian, and Americans to our evangelistic event called “Jesus Festival.” Now is the time of year where there are many festivals and gatherings in all Japan to worship idols, eat, drink, and celebrate paganism. This year, our church Vida Nueva decided to make an open air event where we preached the gospel in three languages and praised the name of our Lord Jesus Christ in this idolatrous land.

We were working to translate our Spanish discipleship material into Japanese and English. Praise God that now we have the first discipleship resources already translated into Japanese and English, and two new Bible studies are starting. Right now, we have two Bible studies in Spanish, two in Japanese, and two in English. Praise God! Please pray so God will give us a heart of joy and perseverance through this year of discipleship.

Marianela, the lady who started attending our Spanish ladies’ Bible study, surrendered her life to God and we can see her more joyful, having a desire to grow and love God. Now we are joyfully helping her find biblically the evidences and fruits of a true conversion. Please pray for her and her growing in the love for our God.

Miyoko San, a 78 year old Japanese lady who surrendered her life to God in our church last year, passed away two weeks ago because of stomach cancer. Please praise God for the miracle of salvation He performed in her and for all the big change that He did in her life while she was here with us. Please pray for her family as they are trying to adapt to a family life without her and for Miyoko’s biggest prayer request, which was the salvation of her daughter.

The Peruvian man who committed murder last year here in Japan is going to be judged in these weeks. Some of his family members attend our church; please pray for wisdom, direction, peace for all the circumstances surrounding the trial, their hearts, and also for Luis’ counseling visits.

Nobuko is a Japanese lady who is not a Christian, but she has been attending our weekly Bible studies for a year. Yuki, her eight year old daughter, always used to wait reading or watching a video while her mother and the other ladies studied the Bible. Surprisingly, three months ago Yuki asked the ladies if she could join the Bible study. Yuki has been coming with her little white Japanese Bible to our weekly doctrine Bible study with her mother and other ladies. She loves to answer and always asks for Bible homework. We think it is a miracle and the mercy of God that He is calling a mother and daughter to Him. Please pray so God’s mercy will save them and they will grow in their passion and love for God.

  • Please, brothers, pray praising God for the opportunity that He gave us to preach His gospel in three languages in the “Jesus Festival.”
  • Please pray for the growing of all our church members as they continue studying the discipleship studies.
  • Please pray so God will provide us the resources we need to visit our family in Peru.
  • Please pray so our five, three, and one year old children can meet their family in Peru for the first time.
  • Please pray praising God for creating us and graciously astonishing us when He reveals to us more of Himself.

God bless you brothers,

Luis, Nicola, Rohan, Lorien and Erendir