Arturo Preaching In San Rafael

Lotty is the daughter of Alfredo. Alfredo passed away some time ago, but when we used to visit him, we preached the gospel to his whole family. Lotty sometimes used to visit our church services, but she was never converted. 

One day she called me and I could tell she was crying. She said she had been injured in an accident. I called Brother Quimenson and together we went to visit her in the next community over. When we arrived at her house, it made us sad to see her condition. She was seated and her right leg was terribly swollen. She could not move her leg and would shout with pain when she tried. The man who tried to fix her broken bone did a bad job and made it worse. 

It was during those days of awful pain that the Lord brought Lotty to a place of humility. We preached the gospel to her and she received it with joy. She insisted that we continue visiting her to teach the Word of God. So, we visited her a number of times and she now has a Bible and is eager to listen and learn the Scriptures. 

When she was finally able, she came to our church service. She was using a walker and it was very painful for her to get on and off the motorcycle taxi. But her determination shows us that the Lord is working in her heart. She listened to the praises and the preaching with great attentiveness. Please join us in praying for Lotty’s spiritual and physical health.


Baptisms in Zizin

Baptisms in Zizin