Today begins the second day of an expository preaching seminar in Lima with around 65 pastors and church leaders in collaboration with Charles Simeon Trust (CST). Based on the conviction that the growth of the church depends on the proper exposition and proclamation of God’s Word carried out in the power of the Holy Spirit, CST seeks to train men through two or three day seminars covering the basic aspects of expository preaching.

The two days of training here in Lima have consisted of instruction from Jeremy Meeks and Chris Spano and also large amounts of time spent in small groups studying together through certain texts from 1 Samuel. In their groups the pastors have worked with one another to rightly interpret each biblical text as it is to be understood in the original context, the significance in light of the cross, and in their application to us today.

Please continue to pray for each of the men in attendance. Pray that these men would be further equipped in their ability to interpret and apply the Scriptures in their local churches in order that the glories of Christ might be magnified.