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HeartCry missionary Marian Nae often takes advantage of opportunities afforded him to preach the gospel in his Gypsy community. While most of the people in the village would never come to a church service, most would attend a relative or friend’s funeral. It is in a context of this nature that Marian is provided the greatest privileges to make Christ known. In his update this month, he shares of such an opportunity:

A 51-year-old believer had a heart attack and passed away this month. I preached the Gospel both at the wake and the funeral where there were many non-Christian people. Please pray for all those who attended this event.

By God’s grace, we had a child dedication service for a little girl named Ema. Her parents brought her to church for the child dedication service and I took this opportunity to explain why we don’t baptize babies.

I continue to visit people and fellowship with them. We read God’s Word and then pray for them. Please pray for those people who invite us to their place to have fellowship together. We had several good experiences. God’s Spirit has started working in their lives, setting them free from their addictions. It is an encouragement for the church to see how God is working among these people who want to draw closer to God. Please pray that the Lord would bring revival in our community.

Our church had three days of prayer and fasting this month. We humbled ourselves and sought God’s face with the entire church. We brought our families, relatives and neighbors before the Lord in prayer and prayed that the Lord would search them and help them repent. We had worship services each day in which we invited different pastors to preach God’s Word, while trusting God to bring spiritual revival in our village. God poured down His grace and mercy over those who came. On the last day of fasting, we had the Lord’s Supper and a good fellowship with the entire church. Please pray for all those who participated in these prayer and fasting meetings; pray that God would work in their lives and help them repent.