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Marian and Daniela Toma serve the Grace Church in Tunari, Romania. They have remained very faithful over the years in their commitment to the gospel among the Gypsy people in their community. This month, Marian relates some of his ministry experiences:

Daniela and I, along with Ana Maria, our daughter, and Aaron, our grandson, went to the mountains. This was our last trip with only one grand child. We had a relaxing time as we visited different sights. We shared the Lord with the host, gave her a Bible and prayed for her. May the Lord work in her life!

I was invited to preach at the wake of brother Velicu who had passed away. I had baptized him in the river in Tunari seventeen years ago. The Lord worked in the life of one of his sons as he and his wife turned to the Lord at the wake. About thirty to forty people heard the Gospel on this occasion with many of them crying. Roza, brother Velicu’s sister-in-law, told me she used to come to the church with him, but then she hardened her heart. She told me she felt helpless in the face of death. The Lord searched her heart and she said she wanted Jesus in life or death. May the Lord keep working in her heart! Praise the Lord!

I carried on the catechism course which I had started with three people. There are now seven who attend now. Sister Lia also joined us. She prepared for baptism many years ago, but doubt and her hardening of her heart made her change her decision. Several months ago, she was so sick that she thought she would die. The Spirit of the Lord searched her heart and she received the Lord. I visited her and she now attends the church on a regular basis. She is thankful to the Lord for the crisis He brought into her life.

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Reunited and Rejoicing

Reunited and Rejoicing