“Permit the children to come to Me; do not hinder them; for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Mark 10:14

The desire in our church to share the gospel with children and young people has really grown to a high peak. Nearly every day, as long as I am not in the office, I will be somewhere surrounded by children. Pray with me, as sometimes I develop some anxieties that our suspicious culture would accuse me of Satanism. I am telling you the truth, I do not understand the love the children have for me. Each time I walk to church from home they follow me, embracing me and carrying my heavy bag containing the laptop and other books for my office work.

Children like hearing the word of God, and they like those who teach them the things from above. They feel comforted as I tell them how much the Lord Jesus loves them as young boys and girls. Many of them are either single or double orphans. They like to hear that Christ knows their need, and even that Christ hates sin.

Children are ready even to work for free for a man who tells them about Christ! The Lord blessed us with some funds from the USA towards a building project. This money was utilized to put up three rooms for our school ministry (more about that in the next post). Bible club children came to help free of charge, because they know how much they have benefited from the church. But at the end of their work I bought sweets for them, to show appreciation for their hard work.

Pray for their salvation as we share the gospel with them, so that tomorrow they will make a strong church, healthy homes, and good citizens in our community. Mr. Zulu is a bricklayer in his 40’s, married with 6 children. One day he came to the church office wanting to know who Pastor German was, because of what he was seeing in his son, Moses. Moses is one of those children who attend our Bible club (seen left). Mr. Zulu said that Moses was now an excellent boy in terms of his behavior at home!

Also, pray that the Lord will help us to persevere in the hard situations of church life. We don’t want to rush too fast, but we want to be serious in bringing both adults and children to the Lord. Since I began ministering to these boys and girls, I cannot be sure of a single conversion. But some of them have told me from time to time that they believe in Jesus Christ and that they have repented of their sins. Yet too often they disappear after their parents or guardians make them stop attending our Bible club and we lose contact with them. Pray that the Lord may save these young ones. I love them very much.
German Banda, John Laing Reformed Baptist Church.