This September, I visited sister Sok (in picture) who has a large number of illnesses that make her feel unhappy. Also she has many troubles in her family and her husband doesn’t feel great knowing his wife is worried about these situations. We shared with her many words of God especially about Job. We opened the Bible and let her read along with us. Then we encouraged her that even when Job met a large number of problems he didn’t give up his faith in God. He continued acting in right ways because he still trusted and loved God. I prayed with her that God will make my sister’s way clear and one day will heal her from all her sickness. Since then, we have found that she and her family trust God more and more every day and have a great deal of hope although she knows herself that she is still in a very difficult situation and her illness is hard to treat. She still loves God deeply and is very joyful in her heart.

For me as a pastor, when I can see one of our believers trusting God like this, I am really happy and continue to pray that God will bless her and make her better from her illnesses and increase her faith in the Lord. I really believe and am praying, that God will heal and set her free from everything which causes her to be sad and feel depressed.


Pastor A.