It is my warm greeting to you and the HeartCry family in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We all are fine in the grace of our mighty God and hope the same to you all.

It is my joy to give thanks to God for bringing back the young boy Badal Chyantel. Badal used to come in Sunday school with his Christian friends when he was small. But later he stopped coming to the fellowship. Now he came back after 7 years and is continuing the fellowship and attending the youth fellowship. I encouraged him from God’s words and told him to follow Jesus Christ as his Savior. He accepted what I told to him. May surrender his life completely to Christ and let his family members come to Christ through him.

Mrs. Maya Nepali is a member of our church. Her husband has been in a foreign country but he could not earn money. He used to torture his wife verbally. Because of this Maya was in turmoil and used to cry. I told her that our God is the faithful God. I encouraged her to trust on God for all things. I told her to seek God’s will and his plan and keep all our worries on Christ and at the same time she need to respect her husband. It is my thanks to God that she trusted God in those difficulties and continued her faith in Christ. On this month her husband came back from foreign country. I am visiting her husband and sharing God’s words and encouraging him to believe Jesus Christ as his Savior.

It is my thanks to God for the life of Brother Babu. He is growing in the Lord and living according to His words. He and his mother are willing to receive baptism. It is my thanks to God that they are growing in His grace. I am nurturing them from God’s words and also planning to go through baptism class before their baptism. May God guide me to teach properly and let them have understanding more about God’s words and the works of Christ for them.

Once again thanks to God for His providence and guidance in my life to do His works. I would like to give thanks to HeartCry for you great support, prayer and teaching. Also I am praying and looking forward for RBS training. Thanks for everything that you have done for us in Christ. May God bless you!

Sincerely, Pastor Greg