Dear HeartCry and Supporters,

The month of May was an enjoyable month for me and my family. A brother who has been pastoring a church for 30 years visited us for several weeks. He taught us Church History, Apologetics, Homiletics and Exegesis and Exposition on Isaiah. He preached on 3 Sunday mornings this month. The sermons were focused on the Book of Daniel. Our church was encouraged and strengthened when seeing how Daniel served God in difficult situations. It gave me insights on how to encourage brothers and sisters according to the Scripture when the external circumstances are changing.

This pastor also taught on discipleship meetings on Tuesday evenings. On Wednesday evening gatherings, he preached on a few practical topics such as biblical views on money and church life. On Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons, his wife taught sisters in our church how to be helpers to their husbands and how to instruct children according to Bible. When they were in our church, I didn’t have much ministry except for some counseling with brothers and sisters. So it gave me more quiet time to prepare for sermons for the future, and more time to be with my family. Also, my physical health has been restored.

Our church is more and more stable now. A variety of visitors have been coming to know about Christianity and faith in our church. I am very grateful more and more brothers are taking initiatives to serve. This gives me great encouragement, as I am seeing God is changing and sanctifying people’s hearts. My family and I are doing very well. Praise God for His providence and thank you for your intercessions. Please continue to pray for the growth and maturity in Christ of our church. Please pray God will raise more qualified elders according to Bible in our church.

God bless,