Dear HeartCry,

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you for your faithful partnership in this glorious gospel ministry. I give thanks to our God for the past month in which he has done great and wonderful things through our labor together. As I review the past month’s gospel activities, I am amazed by what has been achieved through prayers, helps and by the grace of God above all. We’ve brought the good news to over two thousand people in total. That’s amazing. The gospel trip and the youth conference went very well and many were blessed by the gospel message. We did our best with all our might and wisdom but totally dependent on God who knows and brings his own to Christ through the gospel. It’s such an encouraging confidence in preaching the gospel to people out there. But it wasn’t without a cost. We lost a bike on a trip but thankfully we’ve sorted that out by your help. Thank you very much for that.

As we went through difficult times, especially on and after the event of my dear friend’s passing away who had also been a part of HC’s project of translation, you were thoughtful and kind enough to express your sympathy and love by sending supports to the family. The members and I are so thankful to you for the relief amidst deep sorrow. Moreover, I’m so glad you helped my gospel-preaching trip to drug rehab center last week on which I wrote a separate report. Thank you very much for that too.

By the way, extension work on my church building was completed a few weeks ago. It can now contain about 60 people. New visitors are joining the services on every Sundays. Members of the next liberal church also come to hear sermons in midweek services. I learn that it’s not an easy task to transform a modern church, particularly old Christians, to an ideally biblical one. But my confidence is in the power of the gospel as it’s continually being preached to both members and visitors alike. We have to thank God for the accomplishment of the first Lahu translation of Paul’s book. Most copies have been distributed across the region. And also pray for the next book translation as I’m working alone on that. I’ve found that we need not only preaching but also literature to reform churches.

HeartCry missionaries R and YC and their families are doing well. I’m thankful that we’ve got such young evangelists living among the world and being salt and light to them. I appreciate their commitment as God sustains their needs and leads them along in his great commission. R and his wife are teaching to over 30 children this year and as a family engaging in friendship and gospel preaching to animist families. YC is arranging a conference in his church early 2019. Permission granted and given the situation only I and the other one will be allowed to teach at the conference. Please pray for them. Thank you and please continue to pray for us. My wife and two boys are doing well. This weekend, I’m travelling to a new mission village to arrange settlement of a new evangelist among them. Please pray that God would keep my soul and my family’s and direct my ways in whatever I do in the service of His Great Commission.

In Christ,
Elijah (May 2018)