Dear brethren in Christ! I want to say thank you so much for keep supporting our ministry. I truly appreciate it from my heart. It is God who will bless you more and more to be a channel of blessings to others in the world. We know that Jesus is coming soon and we must continue to work for him as much as we could.

It’s been years already that my prayer that I would be able to start at least house church in D. I have been giving out gospel tracts for more than 800 just in these months. I have shared the gospels to many people in a way I can. I tried to find ways to approach them, through friendship, through having some tea with them and discuss with them about Jesus Christ. Please pray for me that God will eventually break the chain of unbelief in their lives.

Every Sunday a couple of families, along with neighboring children, come to my house and we could have worship service. Most of the time they come and listen the word of God. I praise and thank God for that I have shared the gospel personally and house to house more than 8 families this last months. May God continue to glory his name through the ministry that he has entrusted to me.