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Two years ago, we started working with heart cry ministry in translating Brother Paul Washer’s book Knowing God into URDU. Urdu is a language of over 300 million people around the world and primary language of Pakistan. It was a challenge for us as we haven’t done anything like that, but God opened doors, and He provided. God provided a team of His men miraculously. Our translator Pastor Pascal is blind by birth, and yet God used Him to do this job. Dr. Irfan leads the team and coordinates everyone. Our friends and Heart cry generously supported and finally after two years of hard work we had Knowing the Living God in Urdu. 

By Grace of God, around 300 copies have been either distributed or committed. One of the local Christian school requested to include this workbook in the curriculum for middle & high school. Our local evangelists found this a handy tool to be used in small home churches. We are thousands of miles apart and yet we are branches of the same vine and sheep of the same flock. Agape Elpis ministries want to extend deepest gratitude to Heartcry for its work for the KINGDOM.


Jesus is the KING,

Agape Elpis Evangelical Ministries