In God’s grace the weekly church services are going well. The cottage meetings are continuing in His grace. In this month, I couldn’t visit because we were making temporary meeting place for our fellowship. In the grace of God we finished it. Thanks to God for His supplement, and for giving a heart to believers to serve for His glory. The saints gave their physical contribution and support to construct this temporary meeting place. In this coming month we are planning to plane the land so that we may build the new church meeting place in the future. Please pray that God may supply all the needs for this project.

In this month one new person, Mr. Thaman came to church. I met with him after church service. He came to church to get peace. While he was abroad, his wife had a relationship with aother man. Because of this he came suddenly and filed for a divorce. Because of this, he was in desperation and was longing for peace. I shared the good news with him and prayed for him. I gave comfort from God’s Word. He was very happy and was thankful. He requested me to give him a Bible. So I gave him a Bible. He told me that the next day he will leave again, but will search for another fellowship in the area where he is going. When he comes back home, he will come to the church again. He also told me that he is encouraging his mother and brother to go to church. His mother and brother started coming to the church. I shared the good news to them too. I am planning to visit their house soon. May God lead this family to Christ. Thanks to God for His grace and guidance to do His ministry and also helping us to make the temporary cottage for fellowship.

Prayer Requests: Thanks to God for helping us to make a temporary cottage for fellowship. Pray that God may help us to build the church building. Please pray for Mr. Thaman, and for his family that they may believe in Christ. Please pray for the believers that they may grow in His word and may live in His words. Please pray for me so that I may do His ministry faithfully.