Greetings to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. In the grace of God we all fine and I hope that you are fine too. Thanks to God for guiding me to do His ministry and by His grace only. The weekly church services and the cottage meetings are going well. In this month I taught about God’s eternity from the book

“The One True God”

I taught them that God is eternal and no one is like Him. Those who believe in Him will receive eternal life because God is eternal. Therefore we need to worship him and need to glorify Him through our life. Thank God for helping me to teach this subject and to grow in faith. The believers are also thankful to God for knowing His attribute.

I am teaching about the total depravity of man in Jalpa Church. I taught that men are cropped and can’t know God. They can’t seek the Lord Rom 3:10-12. But our God is great that He loves us and through His son Jesus Christ we are forgiven from our sin. The believers are learning that men are sinners and so can’t seek God- but through His life we are saved by His grace.

One of our believers, Mrs. Laxmi B. K. got into a bike accident. She was beside the road and bike hit her. Now she is on bed rest. I am visiting her and comforting her from God’s word. God may heal her from that pain. I encouraged her to trust in the Lord and to keep praying in the Lord.

I visited to Mrs. Mankumari because her son is not attending the church and even she is not attending regularly. I visited her and told her to guide her son in the Lord through the words of God. I encourage her to be example in her family. I counseled her son and her daughter in-law and told them to follow Christ. I told them to be example and train their kids in God’s words. In the grace of God she and her family are attaining the worship services.

Thanks to God for His grace and guiding me to do His ministry. Also thanks to HeartCry for your great support, teaching and prayer. God may bless you all.

Prayer Requests: Please pray for Laxmi aunt for her recovery. Please pray for the believers for their faith and fellowship in Christ. We are planning to construct proper church meeting. Please pray that God may supply our needs. Please pray for me so that I may do his work faithfully.


Kirk C.