Wampis Conference

We traveled to the jungle in order to spend fifteen days there. For the first week, we were with the baptist church in Uracuza with pastor Isaac Taki and his family and were able to teach daily in the church. The next week we traveled to a village called Nueva Esperanza along the Santiago River where we had a conference with pastors and other believers from the churches in that region. There were 400 people in attendance, including 60 pastors. They came from different places in the Amazon along the Santiago River and from near the border with Ecuador.

Javier Teaching At Wampis Conference

Several other pastors traveled with me from the coast and it was a great blessing from our Lord to be able to spend time with these brothers as we taught the Scriptures. We also met a new translator in the Wampis language who is a pastor. On this occasion, we taught the themes “Discovering the Glorious Gospel,” “Marriage and Family,” and, “How to Use the MacArthur Study Bible.” We also taught some of the other believers on how to explain a text from the Scriptures to children. All of the teachings were edifying to the believers and they showed great desire to continue learning more from the Scriptures.

A pastor named Cornelio told me, “I am so encouraged to see the truths of the gospel in the Scriptures. We want to learn more about the gospel. I want more than anything else is to learn the Scriptures. Please, keep teaching us. We want to learn more of God’s Word. We want to know our God more.”

I praise God for these sorts of testimonies that encourage us in this work. Our desire is to keep serving our God. Please pray for us, that God would give us greater wisdom and that we would teach the whole counsel of God with great clarity.