Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ,

We want to thank you each of you for helping us, and supporting us in your prayers. We had a nice program during this Christmas season. By God’s grace, we were able to share the purpose behind Lord’s coming to the earth. Praise God for the friends and families who listened to the Word patiently. Please be pray for our labors here, and that the Lord would give us more of His grace.

On New Year’s day, also we gathered and thanked the Lord for His grace, care, and providences in the past year (2015). Many individuals gave their testimonies in front of the saints. It was amazing to hear how God protected them from accidents, healed them when they were sick, provided for their daily needs, and took care of them during the whole last year. People also came to ask God to take care of them in the New Year 2016. It is believed that the very first day of the year should begin with the Lord, so we gathered to thank Him, and prayed for His guidance throughout this New Year.

Please pray for our family, my wife’s health, my son Anand’s seminary studies, mother’s good health, and the welfare of the church family members.

Your fellow labourer in His kingdom

Bro. Jude P.