Dear Brother and Sister,

Greetings to you in the name of our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. My family members are fine and doing well. And I hope everything is going good there.

In the month of June I was involved in organising meetings, preaching, teaching, house visiting and evangelism ministry. On 4th June, we organised a meeting for Christian parents and their children. The main motive of doing this was to teach, and to remind each of us of the responsibilities of parents and the children towards each other. On that day Ps. Ranjit K preached and the main focus was upon to take care of the earthly responsibly. Many people and the pastors were involved in that meeting and they appreciated our team, for presenting it in the meaningful way.

In the middle of the month we started the preparation and planning to organise a youth meeting. We decided to organise the youth meeting on 30th. So my son Anand organised a planning meeting, before the youth meeting with all the church leaders of our place.

Two days prior the youth meeting, they sent some youths for the choir practice and other preparations. On 30th June the youth meeting was held and many youths participated from different places and local churches. Everyone present, appreciated the biblical teachings and the singing.

And we decided that we will organise youth meeting time to time. We hope to teach them on the issues that faced by the youths. For the next month, I will organise a small meeting among the church members, in which we will discuss budgets of the church and new activities.

Prayer Points:- Pray for Mr. Kishore and Mr.Balbear I shared the good news with them. May the Holy Spirit work in their heart. Pray for the church members meeting. Pray for our church elders they may give their full efforts. Pray for all the non-believers those are surrounding us, may the Lord works in their heart and they may open their door for the good news.

Jude P.