Juan Pablo is a Pastoring a church high in the mountains of Peru, near the city of Huaraz. Below he shares the testimony of God’s grace in the life of a young man named Cesar.

Cesar is a young man, 29 years old. His parents were devoted Catholics and worshiped the different idols in the town of Tarica. They always participated in the “Festival of the Cross,” which is an idolatrous festival that happens each year. One day, Cesar’s father was drunk and stumbled into moving traffic, and was killed. He left his family helpless.

Cesar continued in the path of his parents, and he too became an alcoholic. When he decided that he no longer wanted to be an alcoholic he joined a religious prosperity cult. They took all of his money and he ended up in debt to three different banks. His situation became so desperate that he considered taking his life.

When we first met him and shared the gospel with him, he didn’t trust us. After his experience with so-called Christians that had manipulated him to give them all his money, he had lost all sense of confidence in churches. But over time, as he observed the testimony of the members of the church, he decided to come visit us and he heard the preaching of God’s Word.

Shortly after that, the Lord poured out His grace in Cesar’s life and gave him a true understanding of the gospel. Cesar cried out to Jesus for salvation and from then on the Lord has changed his life. He now meets faithfully with the believers and he’s growing in our church. He shares the Word with alongside us with our neighbors and with the communities in the mountains. The people who know Cesar are amazed by the change they see in him.”