Thankfully we are all doing well with our health here in Huaraz even though my wife and my youngest child had some sickness as first. Now we are adapting to the climate of the mountains with its cold and its intense heat. I ask you to pray that we continue to adapt quickly to life here and that God would use us for the extension of his kingdom.

We began the first week of August here in Tarica helping with a camp for children and young people who came from the surrounding communities. Pastor Gustavo Requejo and his wife were with us and helped with the teaching of the Word.

I also want to share with you that we are going out to evangelize on Wednesdays in the community of Yungar and that we are already meeting with a group of five new people to study the Scriptures. We are also going to Carhuas on Thursdays and a brother there has already offered his house as a meeting place. Tuesdays we are going to the city of Yungay where we are evangelizing in the plaza and the market. On Fridays and Saturdays we are going to the community of Tumpa. Many people have received the Word there and we are praying that somewhere will open for us as a meeting place.

I ask you to pray that God would strengthen us, care for his work, and raise up more workers