Here in Tarica, Huaraz we are working with joy as we experience the protection, provision, and guidance that God has granted us. By God’s grace and mercy we are advancing in the work here. However, we have faced opposition in Copa Grande. The Catholic priest has ordered the Catholic leaders in the town to prohibit the parents from allowing their children to come to our meetings. If the parents in the town do not agree, then he has threatened to cut off the financial assistance that is given to the town.

We are now only having meetings with the children in Copa Chico. There the children wait for us with an eager desire to sing songs of praise to God. In the evenings we are holding Bible studies in the home of a sister named Victoria, and there are between 8 and 10 people that come each week.

Also, in the village of Yungar we are meeting in the home of Walter and Megaly, along with eight other people. And in the village of Tumpa, where we go each Saturday, we are meeting with a group of six new believers. Pray for Marcos, who is committed to serving this village with the gospel. Recently, another brother named Noé, has agreed to open up his home for a as well, to learn more about the Scriptures. Pray for him.