Early this month, we went with some other members of our church to visit and encourage a servant of the Lord that has been suffering from a terminal illness. His name is Efrain, and his physical condition is very precarious. He was one of the teachers that worked alongside me in the Bible institutes that we held for pastors in the mountains. Please, pray for him and his family. Though he is not a member of our local church, he has been a pastor for years and part of the body of Christ. We want to alleviate his loneliness and encourage him as family in Christ.

We have continued to carry out public preaching in open air. Each time we go, more and more people are exposed to the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our goal is to take the message of the gospel, by means of public preaching, to every part of the community in Mallaritos and las Palmeras. There are streets, avenues, and sectors of these towns that we have yet to reach and we are making an effort to reach them this year. When you remember us, please pray for this cause, that God would continue opening up doors and giving us courage to preach the good news.

We also had the opportunity to have a conference for married couples in Mallaritos, and for the second time in Santa Cruz. One of the things that I enjoy most about these conferences is the impact that they are having in Santa Cruz. The church there is very small, with only 6 or 7 members. But nonetheless, in the first conference there were more than 70 people in attendance and they all heard the gospel, perhaps many for the first time. Afterwards, many remained eager to attend the church services, but since the services are held in the mornings on Sundays, it is difficult for many to attend. In this second conference, the attendance was even greater and there were more than 70 people present. Afterwards, the brothers from the church decided to begin meeting on Sunday evenings, when more people can attend, in addition to Sunday morning. That way, they will have an opportunity to invite these families to come and study the Scriptures. Glory to God!