I give glory to God because the brothers and sisters from the church are going to different homes to share the Word of God. Through these efforts, people are not only hearing in their homes, but they are also attending the services at the church to hear the exposition of the Scriptures. We also continue preaching in the streets and in the parks. This is something that we have not stopped doing, and our purpose is that the Gospel might reach the greatest number of people.

This month I have been a witness once again of the power of God that transforms men. Recently, a man visited me at our church whose life had been filled with crimes, including armed robbery. Some time ago, he even attacked and robbed a brother from our church. Nonetheless, the Lord saved him while he was in prison, and after he had finished his sentence he was free once again. But what is most incredible is that it is clear that he really is a new creation. He told me his testimony and in the end we gave thanks to God together for saving him. Pray for Raul. He lives in Trujillo and congregates in a church there. I praise God for the power of His Gospel that makes new creations for His glory.

I also wanted to share with you that I traveled to a place called La Pareja this month, together wit Javier Carhuapoma. We had a meeting with the pastors from that region, coordinating how we might work together with them in the future and also encouraging them to study in the Academia Bíblica Ministerial that we are carrying out in Morropón and Pacaipampa. We enjoyed the fellowship with the believers in that region, and we have scheduled a time of fellowship with the churches there on August 15 and 16. Please pray for that time.