During the first days of this month, I devoted myself to discipleship, visiting homes, and personal evangelism. While presenting the gospel to a man named Rolando, he told me that he didn’t believe the Bible at all, and only concerned himself with being a good person. I confronted his belief with the law of God and also with the absolute truth that there is no one that is good, except for Jesus Christ. I went on to tell him about the redeeming work of my Lord. He left the conversation very pensive and admitted that the conversation had sparked a desire to know more about the matter. It’s my prayer that God would create a thirst in those to whom I preach, and that they would repent and believe in Christ.

At one of our Sunday evening meetings this month I was very glad to see a young man named Germain. He suffered a terrible accident, in which he fell nearly 30 meters from a mango tree. My joy in seeing him was owed in part to the fact that he had promised that he would come to the church after he recovered, and now with his crutches he has begun attending the services. This is a young man that used to mock God and mock the brothers and sisters in our church. Now he has begun attending and it is my prayer that he would be given faith and repentance from above.