I am grateful to God for the spiritual growth of my brothers and sisters in the faith. Eight brothers are studying together and being taught to keep the keep the things that Christ has commanded us and to walk in them (Matthew 28:20). Also, there are four families that we are visiting and teaching the fundamental truths of the Christian faith. In addition to these things, we are continuing to preach the Gospel from house to house and in the open air.

I would like to share with you briefly about a man that visited our congregation this month. He came into the church while I was teaching Sunday School, and after the lesson I approached him and asked if he understood what he had heard. He told me that he was physically sick and wanted to be healed. Immediately, I began to share the Gospel with him as the greatest and most urgent need of every man. I told him, “Francisco, your greatest need is not your health, but salvation from the wrath of God, from judgment, and from your sins.”

Since then, he has been coming to all of the church meetings. This past Sunday we spoke and I asked him how he was. His answer was the same as before; he was sick and was continuing to grumble about his sickness. I asked him if we could pray together for a moment, which we did. Personally, I will continue praying for him, that he might awaken to his fallen condition and begin seeking God for salvation and for the joy of his soul. Please, pray for Francisco.

Also, I would like to share with you that there are many children between the ages of seven and fourteen that are attending the church every Sunday to study the Bible. Many of them come from homes where their parents do not know Christ. Others come from homes where they were abandoned by their father, and sadly, that is the case for many.

By the grace of God, the brothers and sisters of our church are going to pick them up every week with their motorcycle taxis and they bring them to the church building. The children are always ready by the time the brothers and sisters get to their homes, and whoever is in charge of them gives permission for them to come to church. I am praying for them, that God would allow me to have the privilege of seeing them come to salvation. I am praying that they will be different in Christ; that God would even take one of them and place him in the ministry. I pray for that.

Within five to seven years, many of them will have become young men and young women, and the current of this world drag them away with its deceptions. It is for that reason that as a church we are praying and taking action now by the strength of the Lord that they might hear and believe the Gospel.