Because of the rains, we haven’t been able to carry out evangelism in the streets as we had planned, since people stay in their homes. Nonetheless, in other ways we have participated in the extension of the gospel of the grace of God. We continue to carry out discipleship in homes and also evangelism with the children.

On Sunday evenings I have begun preaching an expository series through 1 Corinthians. Despite the strong and constant rains, the brothers and sisters continue to meet together to worship the Lord. I was encouraged greatly by one lady in particular in the church who did not stop coming to the services, even though the rains form ponds and mud everywhere. In order to come to church, she brought two pairs of shoes. With one pair she would walk through all of the mud and water, and when she arrived at church she would put on the other pair before entering the building. This sister told me about this with great joy and it encouraged me personally to see her love for the Lord.

With regard to some of the mission works in northern Peru, I visited pastor Wilmer Navarro in Morropon, which is being flooded because of the rains. It wasn’t easy to get there because many of the mountain streams had overflowed, but we were able to make it through five different streams. Please pray for the brothers and sisters in the mountains during this rainy season and for Wilmer in Morropon.

I thank you for interceding for us through prayer for my family and the ministry in which the Lord has placed me.