Beloved brothers and sisters, I wanted to share with you once more a report of the ways the Lord is accomplishing His work through His servants.

On December 12th and 13th I traveled to a place called Ex Aterrizaje, along with my family and two other brothers from our church. The purpose of the trip was to help the church through preaching the Scriptures and discipling the brothers and sisters. Please pray for this little group of believers that still has no pastor to guide, counsel, visit or teach them. It is my desire to continue helping, along with other pastors, until a servant is raised up to serve there.

The following week I traveled to the town of Jabonillos with a group of people from our church. We preached the Gospel in an area there called Encuentros, Ancones, which is close to Jabonillos. We are helping to strengthen and raise up a new church there. Thanks be to God, the group of believers continues to persevere in the faith. One of the young men for whom we often pray is always helping us when we arrive in Jabonillos. He is very excited about the work of the Lord and I have proposed to him that he travel to Sullana to visit our church in order to be further equipped and trained in the Scriptures. We are hoping that it will work out.

Finally, we traveled to Morropón to visit with missionary Wilmer Navarro. I was accompanied by three brothers from our church, along with my family. From the day we arrived we went out to share the Gospel from house to house, which we did for around two hours until it became dark. In almost every house in which we were sharing the Gospel there were “good” or “righteous” people, but when we shared with them their guilt before God, many of them were surprised. Some people began to think a lot about the message we were telling them, and some were interested in being visited again. We will continue praying for those with whom we shared the Gospel, and for Wilmer Navarro and his family. As a local church, we are continuing to coordinate with Wilmer in partnering with him in the planting of the new church there.

Also, it was a joy to see and hear Wilmer conducting the program on the radio, which he does once a day from 11:00am to 12:00pm. It is a station that is far reaching in our region of Peru. He invited me to do an interview with him during the program and also preach about prayer. Beloved brothers and sisters, I greatly enjoyed that time with Wilmer, especially knowing that many believers are being edified through his radio program.

These are things that God is doing through this weak servant, and I find a lot of joy in being able to carry the Gospel to needy churches and to these places where biblical churches are being raised up for the glory of God.

Regarding the local church where God has placed me as an elder, I would like to inform you that we continue to see spiritual growth among the new believers. Three couples of new believers have decided, in light of the Scriptures, that they will be legally married. Their desire is to glorify God by fulfilling the law of the government and by not living in fornication, in relationships without promise or covenant. All of these new Christians have also decided to say their wedding vowels in the local church, establishing their marriage on the foundations of the faith.

On the other hand, we are working toward the restoration of a brother that had left the church. He has now returned to the church and we are praying for him, that his repentance might be that which is of God.

I would like to add one other thing before finishing this report. I am grateful to God for the way my wife’s pregnancy is developing. It is likely that the baby will be born the first week of April, and he will be our third child. I thank God also for the way He has cared for and grown my two daughters. Thank all of you, beloved brothers and sisters, for the support that you give, which allows me to be full-time in the work of the Lord.