This month I have been visiting people who, in one way or another, have shown an interest in the gospel. God has led me to these people in need and, in this way, he has answered one of my most fervent prayers. For the love of his name, I have presented the gospel to each one of them.

One visit that stands out was my visit with a man named Fermain. I shared previously about his terrible fall and how he had survived. Although, his health is still somewhat delicate. Nevertheless, my primary concern was to see that his profession of faith was genuine. So, I visited him twice and we talked extensively about the gospel. Since he still is barely able to move, I have taken him some audio Bible studies. After I visited him, Fermain was taken to Trujillo to continue his recovery. Our church is praying for a quick recovery and that he will be a witness of the grace of God to his family.

Another memorable visit was to a man named Mr. Gutierrez. He is related to a member of our church. Our visit changed his perspective about right and wrong. We looked together at the Law in Exodus 20. He was amazed when he became aware of his own sin. Then, I presented him the gospel. This led to our beginning a Bible study together. I praise God for the way he is working in Mr. Gutierrez’ life.