I write you, asking that whenever you think about my family, you pray for us.

Yesterday I was a victim of a criminal attack in my own city. Two subjects were following me and my wife as we were riding our motorcycle. I did not suspect that they had bad intentions. As we were getting close to our home, these two people came up beside our motorcycle and one of them pulled out a pistol and pointed it right at me and fired. It was obvious that his intention was to kill me. There were three shots fired right at me, but not one of them wounded me, even though he was only a meter and a half away. How is it possible that not one of his shots hit me? I only find the answer in the grace and mercy of our God.

Frightened by what was happening, I laid the motorcycle over. The criminal, who still had the weapon in his hand, told me to get away from the motorcycle. He took the bike and fled, and so did his partner on his own motorcycle. They stole the vehicle that I use for all my transportation. When the people in the town heard the shots fired they came out of their houses, but the criminals were gone quickly and were no longer in sight. Afterwards, I alerted the police and they are going to do what they can to get the motorcycle back, which will take time.

Thanks to God, my wife is fine and did not suffer any injuries. I am also fine and the only injury I suffered was on my hand where it hit the ground as I wrecked the motorcycle. In all this I glorify God who has sustained us with life in this experience. I give thanks to God for what happened, because I could see that His hand was holding us.

Pray for us, beloved brothers and sisters. My fight is not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces of evil. My wife and I have cried out to the Lord for justice and at the same time for the salvation of these two men that are lost.