By the grace that has been given me, I’m continuing with the work of the Great Commission: preaching the gospel and discipling new brothers and sisters in the faith, and not only me, but also others in the church as well. During this month God has led us to encourage and strengthen with the Scriptures a family in our church that is going through a very difficult time. Their youngest son is in grave condition with a heart problem and they are in Lima right now. As a local church we have helped with this need through prayer and material resources.

I still remember my last conversation with the father, who said, “Pastor, every day I study the Bible with my wife and my son. I preach the gospel to him and I beg God for his salvation. More important than his health is his salvation. May God in His sovereignty save my son for His glory.” This is a man that has been discipled in our church and has understood the need to pray, preach the gospel in our homes, and beg God for the salvation of our family as we hope in Him.

This has encouraged me to continue in discipleship, preaching, visiting families, and sowing the doctrine of God in their hearts, since He is our source of life and the knowledge of Him will always be in our minds to encourage us, give us hope, comfort us, grant us peace that passes understanding, and above all to enable us to give glory to the name of Christ.

On the other hand, beloved brothers and sisters, we continue sowing the Word of God in public places. We firmly believe that those who are chosen of God will come through the preaching of His eternal gospel. We are preaching regularly in two places, Mallaritos and las Palmeras.

Personally, I am dedicating a few hours to record sermons on an audio device for 40 pastors in the mountains. One of the mountain pastors asked me for recordings of biblical doctrine because his longing is to know God more. My desire is to serve these pastors. In early May I visited pastor Nicomedes Saavedra and preached for three days to a group of churches that had gathered. It is my prayer that God uses the teaching for the building up of His body.

Finally, my wife and I are grateful to God for the birth of our third child. There was a moment during the pregnancy when the baby’s health was fragile, but in the end, after my wife received medical attention, the baby was born healthy. Brayan Jeremy has now been with us for over a month. Exalted be the Lord!