We continue preaching at the new church we have planted in Las Palmeras and we continue preaching in Mallaritos in order to reach people with the gospel. I rejoice to see our local church participating in the proclamation of the gospel with tracts, personal evangelism, and serving by helping transport us from place to place. We are visiting several people who have shown interest in the gospel in order to continue presenting God’s truth to them. Recently a man has been coming to church, and it has been surprising to see him at church with a Bible. I say this because he is well known as a drunk and had even come to church before while intoxicated. Now he has come to know the gospel. Bible studies have been conducted in his home and he is receiving discipleship related to the first steps of the Christian faith. It is my prayer that his repentance will prove to be genuine and that he will persevere in the Lord. I pray this happens for the glory of God and as a testimony to others.