Knowing that many of you pray diligently for the missionary work here, I want to write and encourage you to continue to help us by means of your prayers. It’s through prayer that the Lord opens many doors for us to advance the work that He has entrusted to us. Our goal is that Christ’s name will be glorified in more places where He is not currently being confessed as Savior. We are calling people to repentance of sin and a submission to Jesus as Lord and Savior. 

Sadly, we meet a lot of people who simply tell us they are not interested in what God has to say. They just want to live their life in pursuit of pleasure, since, according to them, that’s what life is all about. One man that I met this month is openly devoted to a life of sinful pleasure and worldliness. He is a wealthy man and has the ability to get nearly anything he wants. As I spoke to him about Jesus Christ and told him about his sin and the eternal consequences of living with God in this life, his only response was, “I’m not interested. I’m doing just fine.” As I heard his answer, I could only pray that God would have mercy on Him. I want to see this man saved.

On the other hand, I am continuing to talk with another man that I’ve been sharing the gospel with for some time. He thinks he is a Christian because he believes that he has lived a moral life. One afternoon, as we talked about Christ’s second coming and the suffering that is coming for those who reject Him, this man became apparently afraid and told me he doesn’t know if he is really a Christian. He told me that he wanted to be sure that He really is saved. I told him that there is no middle ground—that a person is either a Christian or not and there is no middle ground. I told him once again about the truths of the gospel and Jesus’ call to sinners to come to Him. After I shared this with him, I could tell that he was thinking very intensely on the things he had heard. I am hoping that the Holy Spirit is working on his heart to bring a conviction of sin and to draw him to Christ. Please, pray for the salvation of this man.

Western Europe

Leo Comes to Christ

Leo Comes to Christ