I greet you in the matchless name of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Author of our salvation, and I give thanks to God Almighty who has kept the Gospel yoke on us by calling and making us worthy. Thank you for the great encouragement to me in service of our Lord.

It is amazing to me what the Lord has done over the past couple of years. He led me to the Pastoral Training Institute in the V___________, and has connected me with HeartCry Missionary Society. This has changed my life and ministry. My understanding of preaching, and my walk with God is different since I started attending the HeartCry conferences. These changes are beginning to show in my church and community. People are slowly coming to Lord our region, we are gathering in the house of the Lord three times in a week, and we are seeing gradual changes in the lives of those who are coming to the church.

I am currently preaching through 1 John in an expository manner. About 40 people gather on Sunday mornings (20 of which are baptized believers).

However, this does not mean there is an absence of persecution. There is a Muslim man who lives in front of our church. He is getting increasingly upset about our church services. He is beginning to cause problems and becoming very argumentative. He wants to bring his fellow Muslim friends to threaten us. Please pray that the Lord may change his heart and even save him.

Please remember us in your prayers. My wife and I are having minor health problems, and it is our desire to have children. Please pray that the Lord may provide us with children.

Yours in Christ,

John H.