Greeting to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. By the grace of God we all are fine and hope that you all are fine there. This is my privilege to share the blessing that God has done in this month.

Ministry Activities

In previous report I told about brother Babu. Thanks to the Lord that he is growing in the Lord. By God’s grace his wife Rita is also coming to church. Through Babu I got opportunity to visit his mother and shared the good news to her also. I told her about God, our original sin, and the death of Christ and His resurrection. But she said that all religions are one but have different ways to follow god. I told that our God is a loving God and that He gave His Son. I also expressed that He is holy and a just God and died for our sins and He has been resurrected. She didn’t accept the word of God but may God’s spirit may work in her heart and may she come to the Lord.

It is my joy to give thanks to God and HeartCry for the true teaching, which is really helping me to do ministry. Wherever I go, when I get an opportunity, I share the true truth of the gospel and church government to other church leaders and those who are from other backgrounds. Many churches and pastors in our local area is confused and follow a weak and mixed gospel. I seek the opportunity to tell them the truth that I have learned from HeartCry conferences. May God help them to open their hearts and minds to understand the right doctrines in the coming days.

On March 27 Brother Connor H. taught us about the “Gospel.” Connor delivered this topic in a tremendous way and I realized how much I took lightly about the gospel before. He shared: God, Man Sin, Bad News, and Good News – Christ’s death and resurrection. The whole theme was the “Gospel and its Power.” Thanks God for equipping us from this true gospel.

In this month we had a meeting in our church. Our church has decided to have bible study twice in a month. It is our desire to equip the church in God’s words. May God may help us to run this program continually in the future.

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Babu’s spiritual growth and his mother that she may come in Lord.
  • Pray for the pastor and leaders from other denomination that they may understand the solid doctrine.
  • Pray for the Bible Study program and we may learn more and more about Him.

Sincerely, Greg Singh Pun