Wilmer Navarro

A brother from our congregation, Jeronimo, has gone to be with the Lord due to complications from Covid. He was once considered to be the most wicked man in this community. One day, after bringing him to church for several weeks, someone asked me, “Don’t you know who that is? Don’t you know what kind of man he is?” I responded that I was newer to the community and did not know him well. Then this person began to tell me that he was one of the most godless men in the town.

But the grace of the Lord came to this man when he was 79 years old. Prior to Covid, he had been attending our congregation for a year. I used to pick him up on my motorcycle every Sunday and bring him to our church service, and then I would take him back again to his humble home. He was always ready and waiting for me at 9 o’clock when I arrived. 

He had a large family—4 sons and 8 daughters, and all of them have families. One of his daughters became sick with Covid, along with all of her family. This couple has now professed faith in Jesus Christ and I am visiting them to teach them the Scriptures. They have asked me not to stop visiting them, to continue teaching them. I remember reading from one author that health is a good thing, but that sickness is even better if it becomes the means of bringing us to God. Please be in prayer for this family.

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Plowing Ahead

Plowing Ahead