I praise God for the spiritual growth in some of the families at our church, particularly in the life of a new brother, Pascual. Our brother shared with me his joy over being able to help his brother Pedro, a hard man who had always resisted the gospel and rejected his brother. One day Pedro called Pascual and shared with him about some troubles he was having in his marriage and asked for his help. Brother Pascual went to see him immediately and shared the gospel with him, which he received joyfully. Pedro made a profession of faith and since that day his life has begun to change for the glory of God.

I learned about all of this when brother Pascual called me and asked me to go with him to visit his brother. Pascual told me of how happy he was because his brother had given himself to Christ. I felt joyful as I saw how a relatively new believer was bearing fruit by preaching the gospel to his brother. When we went to visit his brother, I was delighted to see how Pedro has been studying the Scriptures and receiving further teaching from Pascual. I encouraged him to continue pressing on in his relationship with Christ and I taught him a Bible study from Ephesians 5:21-33. We had a great time together and he told me that he praised God that he had come to know the Lord through this difficult circumstance in his life. Even though his family situation is hard, he is resolved to pursue the restoration of his family by sharing the gospel with them. He desires to see God work in the lives of his wife and children in the same way that God has worked in his own life.