May thanks always be given to our Lord Jesus Christ for the blessings He has poured out on my family and ministry. This month we have seen more people awakened to their need for Christ through the preaching of the Gospel. On the 27th of April we held a preaching event to which we invited all the parents of the children involved in the Compassion ministry in our city. Many of these parents have occasionally come to our church services, but it seems that recently very few have been attending.

That Sunday we ate breakfast together with all the parents, in total around 150, and then afterwards I preached to Gospel to them. It was wonderful to see so many people listening to the Word of God, and it was even more amazing to see seven families come up to me afterwards to tell me that they had been broken by the preaching and that they wanted biblical counseling for themselves and their families. Three of those families came to the service in the evening that same day, where they again heard the preaching of the Word of God. All three families told me that they wanted to continue coming to the services to hear the Gospel.

That same night I was counseling the Castro family. The husband told me, “Pastor, I’ve been studying the Bible for several months, since you preached the Gospel to me, and God has shown me my sin and my need to be saved. Pastor, I feel that God has been drawing my family and me close to Christ. Please, pray for us.”

I plead with each of you to be praying for this family, that they would all be saved.

We will continue to have these evangelistic services for the parents of the children one Sunday morning each month, and our prayer is that the Lord would keep the door open wide for us to be able to preach the Gospel to these families.